Industrial Ovens, Furnaces and Dryers
Industrial Ovens, Furnaces and Dryers

Industrial Burn-off Ovens for Removing Paint, Powder, Oil, Grease, Rubber, Adhesives, etc.

Used for product cleaning by the pyrolysis of organic compounds - typically oils, grease, paint and powder coatings, the ovens include a waste gas incinerator that consumes the waste products created by the cleaning process.  With automatic fire suppression, these ovens provide an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly way of industrial cleaning.

Industrial Burn Off Oven with Waste Gas Incinerator Industrial Burn Off Oven with Waste Gas Incinerator
  • Remove powder and wet paint from metal hangers, hooks, jigs, fixtures and fittings, rejected components.


  • Remove plastic from Breaker-plates, screws, dies, nozzles, spinnerets, and filters.


  • Remove oil, grease, adhesives, bonding, insulation and gaskets, for reconditioning engine, transmission, clutch and brake lining components.


  • Remove varnish, paper, Linings, insulation and paint from stators and rotors in electric motor reconditioning.


  • Remove rubber and urethane bonded to metal substrates.

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