Industrial Ovens, Dryers and Furnaces (kilns is US and Canadian English) Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your standard sizes?

We don't have standard sizes; we are bespoke manufacturers, we design for your application.


What instrument manufacturer do you use?

Eurotherm, by default, however, if you want Honeywell, West or PLC based control instrumentation - then ask, we'll oblige.


What is the difference between an industrial oven and an industrial furnace (kiln)?

In our terms, an oven operates from ambient to 650OC. It is a heated chamber with circulating air, via a centrifugal fan, to improve temperature uniformity, with mineral fibre insulation behind a steel lining.

An industrial furnace (kiln) operates from 500OC to 1300 OC. It is a heated chamber with radiant and convective heat from wire wound heating elements on the walls and, dependant on the application, in the floor (hearth) and roof of the chamber. Insulation behind the heating elements is ceramic fibre. Temperature uniformity is achieved by controlling the elements in zones.


What heating media options are there?

Electric or gas-fired are the most common, however, we are experienced with thermal fluid, steam and indirect gas-fired.


How do you define 'Temperature Uniformity'?

Actual temperature throughout the working volume, relative to the temperature set-point.


What temperature uniformity can you achieve?

Typical industrial applications require +/-10°C, aerospace and medical applications require +/- 5°C, with critical applications requiring +/-3°C.


We need a composite post-cure oven, can you supply the vacuum system? Yes, we'll include the manifold inside the oven, vacuum pump, vacuum receiver for pressure control if required, and vacuum transducers if you want to monitor bag-vacuum integrity.


Can I have a manually lifted vertical door or lid?

No, this is industrial equipment, vertical doors and well oven lids are too heavy for manual operation.


We need an electroplating plant well-dryer, can it be open-top?

Yes and we'll design it to best reduce heat loss, however, heat will escape, so higher running costs.


Do you have second-hand ovens/furnaces/kilns/dryers?



Can you give us a cost to refurbish our oven/furnace/kiln/dryer?



Do you supply vacuum dryers?



Do you have a local agent?

No, we service all enquiries from our one location. We will travel internationally to discuss your application. To arrange a site visit please contact our sales team

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