Other Components and Extras

Viewing Windows can be installed so that the process inside the oven can be viewed from the outside.


Lights can also be installed for better visibility inside the oven.


Trolleys , Mechanical Loading and Product Shelves - At Caltherm, because all of our products are completely bespoke, we can incorporate a loading system to suit your application. Whether this be a simple trolley, or a more complex mechanical system, we will work with you to come up with a practical solution. We can also incorporate product shelves to suit the dimensions of your product.


Man in Oven Grab Wire – All of our larger ovens (over approx. 1500mm high) are quoted to include a man-in-oven grab wire as a safety feature. When pulled the grab wire will shut off the oven process and sound an audible alarm.


Thermocouples – Thermocouples are used to measure the temperature inside the oven within different areas. With applications that require temperature uniformity, Caltherm will use thermocouples to complete a 9 point temperature uniformity survey (TUS). Thermocouples can be supplied with our ovens for further on-site temperature monitoring along with connector panels/plug sockets.


Solvent Extract Fan, Airflow Switch and Explosion Relief Panels – In applications where solvent gases are produced we recommend installing a solvent extract fan (to safely remove any solvent gases), an air flow switch (which will stop the oven from running in the event that the extract fan fails) and explosion relief panels (in case of explosion the relief panel will blow minimising damage to the oven)


Controlled Cooling – Controlled cooling is offered using motorised inlet and outlet dampers to moderate heat escaping from the oven and ambient air entering the oven.


Rapid Cooling – Rapid cooling is offered using the same method as above but with the addition of a motorised fan.


Quench Tanks - Quench tanks can be added underneath the oven (Top hat or drop quench) or infront of the oven dependant on the application. We can also include cooling and water agitation pumps where required


Control Panel - Control panels are quoted as standard however we can supply our ovens without if required. As standard the control panel will be mounted to the side of the oven, but we can also provide these free standing. A Standard control panel consists of:


Door interlock Isolator

Motor Contactors

Motos MCB's

Control MCB's

Control Switches

Indicator Lights to Show System Status

Digital Temperature Controller

Solid-state Relays


Installation – Caltherm offer an installation service, completed by our own experienced engineers with a vast knowledge of our products


Commissioning – Caltherm offer on site commissioning which is completed by our own experienced electrician and witnessed by the customer. Staff training can also be offered with commissioning.


Delivery – Caltherm offer delivery to the UK and Internationally. Alternatively you can arrange collection from our site in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

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