Programmable Controllers, Process Timers and Chart Recorders

Programmable Controllers


Eurotherm Programmable controllers allow you to control temperature and process time along with a host of other process variables which allow you to leave the oven running knowing it will safely shut off when the process is finished.




Analogue IP-OP

In: 5 Out: 6

Combination Logic

24 Operations

Digital Comms

Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus Master

Digital IP/OP

In: 40 Out: 41

Maths Equation

24 Calculations

PC Configuration

Graphic Wiring

Special Features

User Wiring, Master Comms


4 / 2 / 2

Input Type

TC, RTD, mV, mA, Volts

PV Accuracy


IP Rating

IP65, NEMA12

Display Type

Main PV: 5 Digit Plus 4 Line Alphanumic

Control Types

On/Off, PID,VP

Alarm Types

Hi, Lo, Dev, Sensor Break, Event, Heater Fail

Supply Voltage

24V dc/ac, 85-264V ac

SP Programmer

50 Programmes, 500 Segments Max

Real Time Clock

Day and Time


Process Timer


A process timer allows you to set the process time and will then notify you via a light on the outside of the oven once the time is complete. (note that a process timer will not shut the oven off once the time has finished)

Chart Recorders 


Chart Recorders are used to monitor and record the oven processes. We offer various types of chart recorder as below;


Eurotherm 6100E



  • Advanced data security and archiving
  • 5.5", 1/4 VGA, Color touch screen display
  • Designed for network and stand alone use
  • FTP client and server
  • Live, remote data viewing and configuration
  • 125ms parallel sampling


The unit is ideal for basic visualisation and recording requirements, bringing you all of the cost benefits, security and flexibility of secure electronic data files.

The 6100E has a full color display and utilises touch screen technology for clear and intuitive configuration and operation. It further supports a USB port as standard to enable the use of a mouse, keyboard or bar code scanner so that you can choose the interface method that is easiest for you.


With the 6100E your data is stored in check summed, binary compressed files to keep it secure.


The 6100E has additional features that adapt it to best fit your application requirements. The USB port can be used to support a removable memory stick for additional data storage local to the recorder or for additional operator interfaces to suit your data entry needs - bar code, keyboard or mouse.

6100E provides an Ethernet port and supports Modbus TCP (slave) and FTP protocols. The recorder can easily be integrated into a larger system and data files can be transferred across the network.


Support for relay outputs and configurable channels of Maths, Totalisers and Counters give you further flexibility to adapt the recorder to meet very specific application needs. Maths functions include add, subtract, multiply, divide, constant, group max, group average, channel min, channel max, channel average, rolling average and slaves comms.



Eurotherm 6100A and 6180A



  • Secure data recording
  • Full color, high resolution, touch screen display
  • Up to 48 universal input channels
  • Batch functionality
  • Remote viewing and configuration
  • Full audit trail
  • USB "Plug & Play"
  • Local printing


The 6180A offers unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for up to 48 input channels. Input channels are freely configurable to suit your process requirements. Each instrument has a touch screen display to enable operators to view process data in varying formats.


Both have onboard Flash data storage capability, Ethernet communication and choice of Compact Flash or SD Card. Data is stored in a tamper resistant binary format that can be used for secure, long term records of your process.


The 6000 Series HMI is easy and intuitive to use ensuring faster productivity and minimal learning requirements. It also incorporates a ‘Pop Up’ full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard to facilitate easy data or message entry. There are no complicated button presses, you can create your own operator buttons, anywhere on the display. Use of intuitive drop down menus aid consistent navigation.


The 6000 Series can be accessed via a Local Area Network, dial-up connection, Intranet or Internet.


Your most valuable asset is the data collected for process and legislation purposes. Protection includes Audit Trail for 21CFR Part 11 and Nadcap applications, with recorded login, use of unique usernames and passwords.


6180A Aerodaq


The 6180A Aerodaq comes with all the features of the 6180A along with the following;


The 6180 AeroDAQ provides thermocouple life monitoring functionality based on AMS2750E, Sections 3.1.5 and Both thermocouple Uses and Days remaining are accounted for to help assure that thermocouples are not used beyond their maximum life as per AMS2750E.


Using a furnace when it has exceeded the allowable period for calibration, TUS (Thermal Uniformity Survey), or SAT (System Accuracy Test) can result in audit noncompliance, and monetary loss.


The 6180 AeroDAQ provides notification of due dates for:

  • Calibration
  • TUS
  • SAT


The reporting package that accompanies the 6180 AeroDAQ provides a standard batch reporting functionality including:


  • Customer information
  • Batch information
  • Trending
  • Alarm summary


Meets the following requirements of AMS2750E

  • Section 3.1.5 (Load Sensors)
  • Section (The life of nonexpendable base metal load thermocouples)
  • Section 3.2.5 (Instrument Calibration)
  • Section 3.4.2 (SAT Frequency)
  • Section 3.5.7 (TUS Frequency)
  • Table 2 (Thermocouple Types)
  • Section 3.2.3 and Table 3 (Field Test Instruments)
  • Section 3.2.4 and Table 3 (Control, Monitoring or Recording Instruments)
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